Overfishing explained


Fish catch capacity


Red snapper size


We need proteins and fish are a good and an important source of proteins. Although we thought there was an infinate supply, there isn’t one. Read about it, look at movies about it and have an opinion. Fish don’t deserve to be eaten heedless or without consideration. 

Regarding the fisheries, the picture above show that we are capable of emptying the oceans. We have increased our capacity to catch and guess what, if people invest in catching equipment, they want to earn back their investments through full nets. Well, they aren’t getting fuller, the nets just get bigger.

We are and can be a lot smarter than that. Landbased aquaculture can be one of many solutions that help us debunk the big trends on overfishing. But keep in mind, proteins need to come from somewhere. Insects can be one of those sources, that’s where we spend all our time and effort on. Providing a protein source that can also be used in aquaculture as a good protein source to fish.