Slide background we believe in the
power of nature

Which helps us to set new world standards
in managing organic nutrient cycles

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high-grade insect
based nutrients.

Quality products that enable you to optimise
your feeding solutions.

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large scale.
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natural source
of nutrients

Many animals in the wild choose insects
as a preferred source of feed

The end of Food-wastage. Time to Re-Feed the planet.


Recovery of valuable nutrients like proteins and lipids from organic waste by using Nature’s most powerful creatures: Insects. They are primal, natural and can offer a high-quality source of ingredients for fish and animal feeds.




Because we need protein and lipid sources that no longer pressure or deplete our natural production systems like land and oceans. Because we believe fish and animals deserve good, nutritional diets. Insects can offer that.




Through our scalable production systems and our hiqh-quality products.

High-grade insectproteins

Our protein content exceeds that of whole insects thanks to our natural fat extraction technology (no solvents are used).
The ultra-mild drying step ensures an amino acid digestibility close to that of life insects.

Insect oil & lipids

Our insect oil and lipids are fresh and rich in medium-chain fatty acids, known for their antimicrobial properties in the digestive tract.
We have purified our product to a purity level of at least 99.5% at low FFA% (free fatty acid).

Chitin powders

Various parts of the larvae and by-products from the insect life-cycle can be used as a source of chitin. Protix has developed several types of chitin powders in various purities.

Whole insects

For selective markets we produce and sell whole insects both life and dried. Our insects are grown on substrates that are vegetable based, feed safe and free of any undesirable substances.